Long Term Care & Skilled Nursing Facilities


Glenview Professional Pharmacy provides high quality pharmacy services for many long term care and skilled nursing facilities in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and surrounding areas. When it comes to service, we let our reputation speak for itself!

Glenview Professional Pharmacy meets and exceeds the criteria set forth by Medicare for pharmacies providing services to long term care nursing facilities.

Long Term Care Facility Solutions:

Prompt Delivery to the Facility

  • No set number of deliveries per day – delivery times are determined by facility residents’ needs.
  • Top priority delivery of new and emergency prescriptions.
  • Prescription refills requested before 2pm Monday thru Friday and before 12 noon on Saturday are usually delivered the same day.

After Hours Emergency Service

  • A Glenview pharmacist is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the facility residents’ new and emergency prescription needs.

Specialized Medication Packaging

  • Tablet and capsule prescriptions are bubble-packed when requested by the facility to improve drug distribution efficiency.
  • Bubble-packed punch cards are color-coded with auxiliary labels to assist in administration at the correct dose time.

Consultant Pharmacist Service

  • Consultant Pharmacy Services are available to ensure your facility remains in compliance with all federal and state regulations.
  • Our Consultant Pharmacists have decades of experience helping facilities achieve error free inspections with respect to pharmacy issues and services.

Generic Medications

  • Unless otherwise requested, FDA-approved generic medications are used whenever possible to save money.
  • Newly approved prescription and over-the-counter generic medications are used as soon as they become available.

Medicare Part A Residents

  • We work closely with the Facility Admission Staff prior to admission, to ensure residents are not admitted with cost prohibitive orders. Facility Admission Staff can contact the pharmacy by phone or fax for a cost estimate on any questionable order.
  • We work closely with the Nursing Staff to ensure quantity or day supply limitations requested by the Facility Administration are followed to hold down charges to the facility.
  • We notify the facility of any “High Dollar” items per agreed to parameters by means of faxing a Price Alert to the Facility designated fax number.
  • Upon the Facility’s request, we will hold delivery of any item over a dollar amount set by the Facility until a signed faxed Authorization to Charge the Facility is received.
  • Upon the Facility’s request, we will hold delivery of any OTC item ordered by the Facility staff until a signed faxed Authorization to Charge the Facility is received.

Infusion Pharmacy Services

  • Our Infusion Therapy Pharmacists work closely with Facility Nursing Staff to monitor any resident with an order for I.V. medications.
  • All I.V. therapy orders are delivered to the facility in the facility selected delivery method to maximize efficiency and minimize nursing staff time.

Medicare Part D & Private Insurance

  • All Medicare Part D and most Private Prescription Drug Plans are accepted by our long term care pharmacy.
  • Medicare Part D Plan Analysis is available to residents and responsible parties needing assistance selecting the best plan based on drug therapy.


  • Flu Clinics conducted by our Glenview Immunization Team are available by appointment at facilities to administer Flu and Pneumonia vaccines to eligible facility residents who have completed appropriate consents.
  • Medicare Part B or Private Prescription Insurance Plans will be billed for eligible residents.